The Handel Project came to life with the purpose of re-creating the charm of a no-longer standing 18th century historical miner’s house. The apartment house will be situated at the bank of the Klinger historical artificial water reservoir and only 3km from the top of the Salamandra ski resort. The project takes into consideration the Monuments Board’s requirements to maintain the overall look of the original historical building.

There are two stages planned for the project. The first stage will encompass the building of 6 apartments with areas between 34.5 and 64m2. The second stage will create 5 apartments from 40.2 to 56.9 m2 large.

Project documentation: Tradičný dom, s.r.o., Banská Štiavnica, www. tradicnydom.sk

A Safe Investment

The purchase of a lucrative apartment is a worthwhile investment. You can enjoy it with your friends and family, or you can rent it and comfortably increase your income. Owning an apartment in the Štiavnica Mountains is synonymous with excellent relaxation, attractive profit and personal prestige.


The offered apartments will come structurally finished with prepared connections and ready for the installation of doors, and bathroom equipment. The furniture and interior design features are up to your decision and style. The asset management created to oversee the administration of the building will complexly take care of the maintenance and operation of the apartments for the future clients. To assure a higher comfort, the asset management will also offer amenities (including a sauna in the building) and look after the potential rental of the apartments.

Hiking and Recreation

The beautiful nature surroundings will offer a perfect holiday setting. The Štiavnica Mountains are a unique geographic location ideal for leisure, sports and hiking. You can enjoy its water reservoirs, so called tajchs, fresh air and beautiful forests any time of the year. The winter season brings you a great opportunity to take advantage of the nearby ski resort (Salamandra Resort).

Banská Štiavnica

The city is one of the most beautiful and historically most interesting cities in Slovakia. It is a favorite get-away destination for locals as well as foreign tourists. The city’s cultural heritage is well known. Banská Štiavnica is even a part of the UNESCO world heritage.

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