The execution of the apartment house Handel project is divided into two parts. The first part includes plans for 6 apartments (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6), while the second part encompasses an additional 5 apartments (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5). The living space of the apartments spans between 26,38 and 68,04 square meters. Apartments A1 and B1 are situated on the first floor and are designed to accommodate the requirements of people with limited mobility. Each apartment features a storage area (about 2 m2) and a parking spot. The buyer also automatically becomes the owner of a designated part of the land below the apartment house and gains ownership interest in the shared areas. In case of interest in buying an apartment, a one-time reservation fee of €2,500 is required. Before the start of construction, the interested party will pay 35% of the value of the property. The remaining 65% will be paid after the successful final inspection. The start of the planned construction is Q1 2021. The expected date for the final inspection is Q3 2023.


The walls will be constructed out of clay block bricks. The windows and doors will be wooden. The building is designed to comply with the standard heat loss parameter regulations. The ceilings will be wooden with wooden rafters in the attic apartments. The roof will be covered with roofing tiles made of clay or metal with typical finishing with possibility built in of solar photovoltaic cell. Heating will be ensured by infra panels and water flow heaters. Each apartment will be equipped with a connection for electric cookers. Electric and water meters will be individual for each apartment as well. The construction also plans to include a separate sewage treatment system for 55 people. Each room will include a TV and the Internet connection. Additionally, there will be an option to connect a fireplace or tiled stove for solid fuel.

Apartment house HANDEL
1. Main building
Apartment Floor*** Rooms** Area [m2] Parking Price excl. VAT (€) Price incl. VAT (€)* Availability
A1 1. NP 1+KK 51,69 yes 108 032,- 129 639,- reserved
A2 2. NP 2+KK 55,25 yes 115 473,- 138 567,- reserved
A3 2. NP 1+KK 26,38 yes 55 134,- 66 161,- reserved
A4 2. NP 2+KK 68,04 yes 142 204,- 170 644,- reserved
A5 3. NP 2+KK 67,56 yes 141 200,- 169 440,- reserved
A6 3. NP 2+KK 54,32 yes 113 529,- 136 235,- reserved
2. Next building
Apartmemt Floor*** Rooms** Area [m2] Parking Price excl. VAT (€) Price incl. VAT (€)* Availability
B1 1. NP 1+KK 56,24 yes 117 542,- 141 050,- reserved
B2 2. NP 1+KK 57,68 yes 120 551,- 144 661,- reserved
B3 2. NP 1+KK 49,88 yes 104 249,- 125 099,- reserved
B4 3. NP 1+KK 47,41 yes 99 087,- 118 904,- reserved
B5 3. NP 1+KK 38,98 yes 81 468,- 97 762,- reserved

*For VAT ID holders: price exclusive of VAT, other way price inclusive of VAT,
**KK=kitchen, bathroom,
***NP=overground floor.


Ground floor
Ground floor
First floor
First floor
Second floor
Second floor